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Local businesses suffer: Help ease their pain



SBA co-presidents

Businesses large and small are facing challenges as they navigate what is now more than a two-week shutdown. Small businesses, the heart and soul of Scarsdale Village, are particularly hard hit by the economic effects of COVID-19. Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) members must navigate payroll, rent, inventory and other expenses, all with virtually no or reduced revenues. Many owners are no longer taking a salary. During this crisis, the SBA board is working hard to both support our membership and support our community.

We know the community wants to support local businesses too. We’ve seen the Facebook posts, received your messages and heard your voices, and we are so grateful. To every extent possible, we want to continue to offer our services to the community in a safe and convenient way. Here are ways we can help each other during this unprecedented time:

Gift cards: Many local stores have closed their doors, but not their businesses. They are offering gift cards, often at a discount. Buy them for yourselves, your friends, or your neighbors, and tell your friends to buy them.

Food take-out or delivery: While our restaurants and bars have temporarily closed, almost all still offer delivery, take out, and/or curbside pickup. Skip cooking and enjoy a freshly prepared meal from a local business. UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub and others have waived delivery fees, so take advantage of this benefit. SBA restaurants include: Bango Bowls, Chat, DeCicco Family Markets (will prepare meals and deliver), Martines, Meritage, Moscato, Popojito, Sapori, 808 Bistro, Via Forno and Westchester Burger Co.

Private shopping/off-hour shopping: Take advantage of the many creative options SBA businesses are offering. DeCicco’s is opening early at 7 a.m. each day for seniors to shop safely.

Virtual shopping: Use Facetime from home, peruse the merchandise and select your favorite pieces. Most stores will provide free delivery.

Shop on the internet: Most SBA businesses are open online. And many are featuring fabulous sales on select inventory. Don’t miss out. Shop from the safety of your couch and get that special something you’ve been eyeing.

Health services: It’s hard to receive services when businesses are closed. But some providers remain open, with strict guidelines to make sure you stay safe, offering services via teleconference or video-conference platforms, and some doctors offer telemedicine appointments.

Support local initiatives:

Local volunteers and the SBA have created, a website that connects local residents in Scarsdale with local/near Scarsdale businesses in need of immediate support.

Other community members have organized a fund,, to support White Plains Hospital. The money will be used to buy meals from local restaurants to feed frontline health care workers at the hospital. It’s a great example of the community working with small businesses to help with the safety and security of us all.

Times are difficult. We’re all in this together, so let’s do our best to support each other. In recent days we have all witnessed the lengths to which our local businesses have adapted to make our lives a little easier — from extended hours, to hand sanitizer at checkout, to additional personalized delivery. Now it's time for us to do what we can for them.

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